A massive thanks to everyone supporting this site, especially the following organisations and individuals who have gone out of their way to help…

Devizes BooksJo, as always, has been great at helping get the word out and continues to deliver a great service to our town.

@devizesbooks / / 01380 725944

Devizine logoThanks to Darren Worrow the founder of Devizine, the local Devizes online ‘What’s on’ site, entertainment and news media site and runs livestreams and is a presenter on Boot Boy Radio.
@devizine / /

:aura Barnard Map designs - logo

Laura Barnard has been amazing in donating a brilliant, hand-drawn map for our downloadable PDF. she moved to Devizes in 2020 and has fallen in love with the place… well, who wouldn’t? /

Thanks to the group of volunteers who help promote @indiedevizes and who spread the word. Founders are Ida McConnell,  Justina Pettifer, Jemma Brown and volunteer co-ordinator Rosie Berry with her group of wonderful volunteers. We also have some lovely retailer area reps.

Thanks, too,  for support via donations and support to Kennet Print Ltd. and Kennet Sign & Display

A big thanks from @indiedevizes to Devizes Town Council for their backing and ongoing support.