Since this was started as a private project without any external funding, originally conceived as a contribution to help flag indies in Devizes to visitors and help to keep the high street alive, we reserve the right to refuse to add any business that doesn’t fit with the original intention of highlighting shops, cafes and eateries, community enterprises (especially green initiatives), artisans and a variety of artists.

During the Pandemic, the remit was expanded slightly to those who help with health, wellbeing and practical help with things such as electricity/plumbing/IT emergencies we need to draw the line at the types of businesses that will be included. For example, we don’t include massive franchises which have an obvious and unfair advantage over other local businesses by having infrastructure/financial support from a much larger company/international corporate when a small individual business would not have that. Private clubs and membership organisations are also not listed. Co-operative enterprises, local family businesses and smaller franchisees might be included, especially where they are competing with the big outfits.

This is a directory for the average consumer who goes high street shopping or wants to buy from a local independent business. We do not promote business to business enterprises. High Street services for individual such as hairdressers and beauticians are currently included, along with those whom individuals might approach for help with their health such as masseurs and osteopaths etc.

In future we are not averse to the idea of helping someone set up and run a website for other types of services [if they can get enough volunteers to help them] but at this point we don’t have the people or the funding to do this.

Thanks for your understanding.