Since this was started as a private project without any external funding, originally conceived as a contribution to help flag indies in Devizes to visitors, we reserve the right to refuse to add any business that doesn’t fit with the original intention of highlighting shops, cafes and eateries, community enterprises (especially green initiatives), artisans and artists.

Although, during the Pandemic, the remit was expanded to those who can help with health, wellbeing and practical help with things such as osteophathy/electricity/plumbing/IT emergencies we will sometimes need to draw the line at the types of businesses that will be included. For example, we don’t want to include massive franchises which have an obvious and unfair advantage over other local businesses by having infrastructure/financial support from a much larger company/international corporate when a small individual business would not have that. Co-operative enterprises and smaller franchisees might be included, especially where they are competing with the big outfits.

If your business isn’t one that we can include we may be able to help share your info. on social media  please go to our Facebook page @indiedevizes

Personal Statement from website founder

At the start I decided not to include my own company on here and will not be including any similar businesses – I will contact those who fall into this category who apply to explain this if they have not read this page.

Thanks for your understanding.