indieDAY #2 was Buzzing!

Thanks Devizes ~ indieDAY 5th June 2021
We had a blast yesterday and just want to say thanks to everyone who came along to our second indieDAY. We met some great people, both locals and some from out of town ~ everywhere was buzzing!
We’ve already been asked when the next one is!
Read on to find out what the secret codes mean…

Once we’ve caught our breath we’ll be drawing the hamper prize winners and looking through the best comments about the day for the extra prize.
Winners will be informed by 14th June.


Below are the definitions of these old words ~ thanks to Anna from the Wiltshire Museum for providing them. Not too much ganderflanking yesterday and didn’t notice any Nineters around town 😉
Missy-May = Confused
Nineter = Young Rascal
Sprawny = Sweetheart
Borky = Tipsy
Ganderflank = Lark around (just out of interest Lark is one of the words dropped from the dictionary so a double learning lesson for some)
Huckmuck = Messy
Cooby = Snug Corner

Quiddle = Fuss-pot